Protecting yourself with Inkas Armored

Look to The Inkas Armored Group for the very best in armored Humvees, suching as the Hummer H1 and H2. Our Hummers are exceptionally preferred amongst our transportation and security automobiles. We have long been a go-to firm for armored vehicles and more, as well as offer customers in all corners of the globe. If you are interested in a protected automobile with the very best in technology and design, contact us today.

The Armored Group intends to be your resource for protection vehicles of all kinds, including our armored Humvees. We offer the most innovative ballistics protection on every one of our bulletproof transportation vehicles that include:

Armored Hummers such as the Hummer H1 and also H2
SUVs such as the armored Chevy Suburban, Ford Tour and also Jeep Cherokee, among others
Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) in BATT-S, BATT-XL or BATT 4V options
Armored Mobile Command Car (AMCV).
Quick Deployment Car (RDV).

Inkas Armored TorontoWe customize every vehicle to reflect the demands of each client. Our team takes wonderful satisfaction in paying attention and learning. By doing so, our knowledge regarding your company and your protection requires ascends to the degree necessary for us to produce maximum protection in the vehicles you select.

We are proud to supply a line of bulletproof transport vehicles unsurpassed in our sector. Whether you select a pre-custom armored Hummer or select an armored vehicle we have currently developed, you can rest simple knowing that the automobile( s) you select will be ready for any type of attack or tried breach while out in the field. Pick The Armored Group, as well as allow us reveal you what maximum safety in a vehicle genuinely resembles. Check here for more info on armored cars!